The Irish Jewelry Company: Beautiful Claddagh Ring

The history behind the Claddagh ring is so incredibly sweet. Nestled in a love story, the Irish ring today still symbolizes love – but also friendship and loyalty. If you look at the ring you will see the heart in the center – representing love, while the hands represent friendship and the crown stands for loyalty. The Irish Jewelry Company offers this beautiful piece in Sterling Silver and an array of birthstones for you to choose from!

I happen to be part Irish, but you don’t have to be in order to love and wear the ring! My husband grew up in a primarily Italian area, and when I received my ring from The Irish Jewelry Company he told me about many of the girls he knew when he lived there wearing Claddagh rings. Some wore them as a sign that they were “taken” but many also wore them for friendship! The Irish Claddagh Ring can be a symbol of love or friendship. It can be purchased as a gift, or for yourself! Here are a couple of pictures of me wearing my ring. One up-close shot, and one from a YouTube video I made where I happened to have it on.

I love this ring. It’s incredibly lovely, as well as special because it houses my birthstone and it represents my Irish heritage. It’s extremely comfortable to wear and the cut of the stone is super sparkly! Visit The Irish Jewelry Store today and look at their beautiful jewelry! They feature the Claddagh ring but have so many gorgeous Irish and Celtic jewelry pieces that you’re certain to find something you love!

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