TheraBox – A Subscription Box For Wellness!

As you know, I’m a huge proponent of self-care and wellness. It’s so incredibly important to take good care of ourselves – mental health is paramount to a healthy and happy life. TheraBox is a subscription box that is curated by therapists! The focus for it is health and wellness, and the products they choose for you are focused on these areas. Each box contains over $120+ worth of self-care goodies, and the boxes start at just $35! You can check it out at to learn more!

TheraBox sent me their Summer June 2021 box to share with you! It includes so many incredible products that are excellent for wellness and self-care!

Summer – June 2021

Pivot by Pauline Caballero is a guidebook with five practices to support you through change! Published by Golden Brick Road, you can find even more of their titles here! It also comes with a free 30-day membership to Power Yoga!

Glow Nectar finishing bronzing oil by Chiky Botanica – it smells lovely and feels incredible on my skin. This gorgeous blend of sunflower, jojoba and argon oil adds a shimmer a nice, light scent to your skin. You can find it on their website here to find out more!

Vitamasques Super Bamboo Light Day Cream is a nice, lightweight pollution shield for your skin. It’s fragrance free and is also anti-dust, anti-blue light and anti-oxidant. It’s great for calming sunburnt skin as well as treating a dehydrated complexion. It can be found at

Earth Harbor’s Sunstone hair revive elixir. I personally love Earth Harbor’s serums and elixirs. They are non-toxic, synthetic-free, plant-based, ethical and sustainable. You can check out their array of products here!

Wicks & Scents Lemongrass vegan bar soap. You guys, this soap smells INCREDIBLE. It’s formulated with ethically cultivated and wildcrafted herbs. Their soaps can be found here and they are all natural, vegan and cruelty- free

Jubel Naturals Outdoor Roll-On Oil is a plant-based and DEET free insect repellent. I’m a huge fan of more natural insect repellents, especially when it comes to putting them on my children. Learn more about Jubel Naturals and their products here:

Soulistic Root After Sun Spray – I have to start by saying how much I love this bottle. It’s so pretty and it’s great packaging in that it sprays really beautifully. The scent is so fresh and delicious – and it feels incredible on my skin. I am very careful about applying sunscreen and block, so I’ve not had the chance to use it for that yet – but I’m keeping it on hand in our beachbag for when I do! Learn more here

Ultima Replenisher – Electrolyte Hydration Powder (6 flavors stickpack) – These mixes have 0 calories, 0 carbs and 0 sugar. They are an electrolyte powder you can add to your water for an easy rehydration mix! Order or learn more here

In all I really loved this box. The products are all wellness focused and entirely useful. The quality on them is high and I would say it’s absolutely worth the cost of the box! I’m especially excited about the Pivot book and yoga experience. If you are looking for a new subscription box to try, especially one that is truly focused on self-care, then I highly recommend this one.

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